About Us

Accident Care in NJ

We understand how difficult it can be when you have an injury caused by an accident or personal injury. It’s not just the loss of your vehicle you’re worried about, but also your pain, suffering, and the stress caused by missing work – either from time off needed to recover from your injuries or having to come for follow up visits and appointments.

At Sall Myers Medical Associates, we have gathered the best group of Board Certified physicians so that we can treat you as effectively and efficiently as possible. We care about your personal situation, and we do our best to make sure our combined 50-year history of successful treatment works for you the best way it can. You’re not just an injury list to us. We are your one stop treatment facility and will provide for all your car accident or personal injury needs. We provide evaluations and treatments for all types of injuries throughout Northern New Jersey. In some instances, same day appointments are available upon request with evaluation and treatment reports available in 48 hours or less.

Our Services Include:

  • Treatment and evaluation of orthopedic and neurologic injuries
  • In house orthopedic surgical procedure
  • In house pain management services
  • On site radiologic and neuro-diagnostic testing
  • On site Open-MRI, X-ray and Electro-Diagnostic Studies
  • Bilingual Staff
  • Workers Compensation Disability Ratings
  • Social Security Disability Ratings
  • Liability evaluations
  • Periodic treatment reports regarding patient’s progress
  • Comprehensive discharge reports available on request
  • Our physicians will testify, if required, for our patients.

Services We Provide For Our Patients:

  • Multiple locations for convenient service.
  • We make sure that ICD-9 codes support our diagnosis and treatment.
  • We provide reports to whomever the patient wishes regarding their treatment.
  • We work to make sure we get prior authorization from the carrier so the patient will not be denied treatment based on lack of same.
  • We provide a personal liaison to make sure our patient’s appointments are handled correctly.

In the traumatic time after your accident or injury, the future may seem uncertain. The one thing you can count on is Sall Myers Medical Associates and our integrity and professionalism. For a FREE consultation or to schedule an appointment, fill out the Quick Contact Form on this page, or call us at 866-609-4448 and ask for Mary Schreck or Deborah Minassian.