Trauma Therapy and PTSD Counseling NJ


psychiatryPhysical injuries are often the only injuries treated after an accident, but may not be the only hurt you may have to deal with after an accident.

Distress, anger, fear, and worry are all common after an injury or accident.

Emotional symptoms sometimes present themselves immediately after an auto accident, but other times they take days or weeks to appear. In children and adolescents, this emotional trauma can be much more intense. Sometimes these psychiatric symptoms disappear on their own, but they often require the help of a professional to keep under control.

Psychiatric injuries resulting from an auto accident can include:

  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Acute stress disorders
  • Anxiety disorders

These disorders and conditions can interfere with day-to-day life just as much as a physical injury.At Sall Myers, we understand that not all the pain you may feel is physical, and our board certified psychiatrist can help you restore your mind and spirit while our other certified doctors and surgeons help restore your body. We are also conveniently located, with offices in:

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The Sall Myers Medical Associates team of Board Certified physicians are dedicated to giving you the best accident care and treatment as effectively and efficiently as possible.

With 50 years of successful medical treatments, Sall Myers continues to be the premiere accident injury treatment facility in New Jersey.

With seven convenient locations in NJ, we bring quality medical care to you. Sall Myers has become the most trusted accident injury service provider. That’s because we bring a level of commitment and expertise that can only be acquired through the specialized experience that Sall Myers offers. Count on us to deliver you the best care possible.

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