Tendonitis Treatment

Tendonitis Treatment

What are the treatment options for tendonitis?

Tendonitis is very rarely treated by surgery, and can often be remedied with more conservative measures, including:

  • Avoiding any activity that aggravates your injury
  • Resting the affected area
  • Ice (day of injury)
  • Pain management and anti-inflammatory medication
  • Physical therapy, especially in cases of frozen shoulder

What can I expect from tendonitis physical therapy?

To help relieve pain associated with tendonitis, you may undergo varying physical therapy treatments, including:

  • Strengthening exercises
  • Joint mobilization
  • Electric stimulation
  • Ultrasound
  • Massage therapy

What can I expect from tendonitis surgery?

If conservative measures fail to relieve your tendonitis or a secondary issue such as a bone fragment or spur is causing the problem, you may need surgery. Tendonitis surgery can be performed one of two ways: open or via arthroscopy. Arthroscopic surgery is a less invasive procedure with a smaller incision, which means you’ll be back up on your feet more quickly afterwards.

What can I expect from tendonitis recovery?

Recovery time for tendonitis depends on the location and severity of your injury, since tendonitis is inflammation of the tendon. Your injury may clear up in a few weeks, or it may take multiple months for you to return to your normal strength and function.

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