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syringe2One of the most important, and most overlooked, elements of any surgical procedure is the anesthesia. If you don’t get enough, you may wake up too soon. If you get too much, it may be hard to wake up afterwards. It’s a very delicate balance to get the amount just right. The anesthesiologist is responsible for administering the anesthesia, along with watching for signs of trouble during the procedure. Additionally, they provide medical care to the patient before and after surgery. Each patient must have a personally tailored plan; meaning anesthesiologists must be highly trained and detail-oriented.

Types of anesthesia

Most people have undergone some sort of procedure with local anesthesia. This technique causes a loss of sensation in a very small part of the body, like a tooth (for dental procedures) or during a cesarean section.

Regional anesthesia still only affects part of the body, but a much larger part than a local anesthetic. One common regional anesthetic is the spinal epidural, which provides pain relief during childbirth.

General anesthesia is the first type of anesthesia that springs to mind for most people. A general anesthetic renders the patient into a state of unconsciousness for the entirety of a given procedure.

One method of administering general anesthesia is I.V. sedation or twilight anesthesia. Patients in this state are given a low dose of general anesthesia but not enough to render them unconscious. They are still responsive and can follow simple directions. Twilight anesthesia is sometimes preferred over general anesthesia due to the reduced time it takes to wake up after the procedure. However, its use is limited by the type and length of procedure the patient will undergo.

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