Accident Injuries

Accident Injuries

Your body can suffer many different types of injuries during a car or motorcycle crash. We’re here to help you identify your symptoms, and provide you with more information about treatment and recovery to ease your worries. Our bilingual staff is equipped to handle many different types of accident injuries, no matter how minor or serious.

Back Injury

backinjuryWhat is a back injury? Back injuries fall into various different categories. Some of the most common back injuries include: Slipped disc or herniated disc (spondylolisthesis) A slipped disc and a herniated disc are terms that are often confused, but they both refer to the same condition.  Read more about Back Injury.

Bone Fractures

fractureWhat is a bone fracture? A bone fracture or a broken bone occurs when more pressure is put on a bone than it can physically bear, causing the bone to break or split. The following are some common types of bone fractures you may endure in a car or motorcycle accident. Read more about Bone Fractures.

 Brain Injury

braininuryWhat is a brain injury? Any head trauma that causes damage to the brain is classified as a brain injury, although many people use the broader term of head injury. A brain injury may or may not include injury to other parts of the head and skull.  Read more about Brain Injury.

 Facial Scarring

facescarWhat is facial scarring? Facial scarring is most commonly caused by cuts, scrapes, and burns endured in a car or motorcycle accident. Minor cuts and scrapes will heal on their own, as long as you keep them clean with warm water and mild soap.  Read more about Facial Scarring.

 Head Injury

headinjuryWhat is a head injury? Any head trauma that causes damage to the scalp, skull, or brain is classified as a head injury. This means that a wide variety of injuries fall under this classification, from a simple bump on the head to a much more serious brain injury.  Read more about Head Injury.

 Slipped/Herniated Disc

herniateddiscWhat is a herniated disc? In between the vertebra in our back, we have small, circular discs to keep the spine flexible and cushion the individual vertebra. A herniated disc occurs when one of these discs between the vertebrae in your spine slips out of place (hence “slipped disc), often due to trauma. Read more about Slipped/Herniated Disc.

Neck Injuries

neckinjuryWhat are the types of neck injuries? If you’re involved in a car or motorcycle accident, you may suffer from neck pain or injury.  Read more about Neck Injuries.

 Pinched Nerve

pinchednerveWhat is a pinched nerve? The phrase “pinched nerve” describes various types of injury that can happen to one nerve or a set of nerves. Pinched nerves can occur at various spots throughout your body. A common example of a pinched nerve is carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist. Read more about Pinched Nerve.

 Shoulder Injuries

shoulderinjuriesWhat types of shoulder injuries are there? Rotator cuff tear A rotator cuff tear is a term used to describe tears to any one of the four rotator cuff tendons in your shoulder muscles.  Read more about Shoulder Injuries.

 Spinal Cord Injury

spinalcordWhat is a spinal cord injury? A spinal cord injury occurs when trauma causes damage to the spinal cord or the nerves in the spinal canal. Symptoms of spinal cord injury vary by location and severity of the injury. Read more about Spinal Cord Injury.


whiplashWhiplash is one of the most common motor vehicle accident injuries, and can range from mild to severe and even become an ongoing, chronic condition. Our board certified team of physicians will assist you with everything from pain management to physical therapy exercises – whatever you need to feel better. Read more about Whiplash.